Our Promise

We promise to fulfill all our promises if you support us. We can build a progressive nation together.

  • Biggest job growth over all INDIA in every platform.
  • Ended racial discrimination in every sector.
  • Increased clean energy production level.
  • Decreased unemployment and poverty to half.
  • Deficit cut by three-quarters all the year round.
  • Greatly improved benifiys for veterans and others.

Know about Ahmed Ali Khan

Ahmed Ali Khan is an able and visionary leader. His passion for delivery has pushed him to work hard for his constituency at Kurnool. He is an able administrator who believes in results and has achieved so through great ideas and an innovative approach. A performer par excellence, Ahmed Ali Khan is one Leader who has the ability to make democracy deliver.

Mr Ahmed Ali Khan’s vision is to make his constituency a role model for development and inspire people to join him in realizing this vision. He is meticulous with detail and arrives at a decision only after having performed a thorough factual analysis. He is committed to his principles and seldom sways from them. For Ahmed Ali Khan, politics was never confined to gaining power rather, he perceives it as an instrument for the benefit of the citizens. For him, service and development lead the way in public service, which in turn expands and strengthens the base of the party at the grass root level.

Mr Ahmed Ali Khan’s clear vision and perfect understanding of the needs of the masses has helped him bring about effective changes that have benefitted the common man. In politics as well as in the social sphere, Mr Ali Khan, has always adopted an all-encompassing approach. He has always been the focus of his development agenda in accordance to with the ideology of his party. Mr Ali Khan’s willingness to accept suggestions and implement the viable ones helped him to change the face of the Kurnool constituency.

He has been driven and inspired by the faith, support and generous affection that people have showered on him. His agenda has been realistic and simple, focused on: providing drinking water, electricity, education to all, empowerment of women and the development of infrastructure. Till date these basic prerequisites remain his main concern.

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